Brasidass Strategies’ Crowdfunding+: Championing DEI in Fundraising

Brasidass Strategies’ Crowdfunding+ platform is a beacon of DEI in the crowdfunding industry. It’s meticulously designed to ensure that every campaign is as diverse, equitable, and inclusive as the community it serves. Here’s an in-depth look at its DEI approach:

  • Pedagogically Designed for Learning: The platform’s educational structure is rooted in DEI principles, ensuring that all users, regardless of background, have equal access to learning resources and fundraising strategies.

  • Inclusivity at Its Core: Crowdfunding+ extends its reach to embrace a spectrum of cultural realities, actively engaging with communities that are often overlooked by other platforms, such as rural America, veterans, and minority groups.

  • Customer Success and Innovation: The platform’s innovative tools are developed with a DEI lens, aiming to drive campaign effectiveness and donor engagement for a diverse array of demographics.

  • Data+ and Omni-channel Integration: Crowdfunding+ integrates advanced analytics and an omni-channel approach, providing a seamless experience that respects and reflects the diversity of its user base.

  • Multi-Currency and Linguistic Inclusivity: It breaks down barriers by supporting multiple currencies and languages, ensuring that linguistic and financial inclusivity are at the forefront.

  • Data and CRM Integration: The platform’s data analysis and CRM tools are designed to serve and reflect the diversity of the communities it engages with, fostering a strong, committed donor base.

  • Training and Talent: Training programs and talent acquisition are conducted with a DEI focus, ensuring that a variety of perspectives are valued and leveraged.

  • Software Support: The included software is built to support the creation of diverse and inclusive communities, going beyond mere transactions to foster lasting relationships.

  • Goal Alignment: Crowdfunding+ aligns with the missions of a wide array of groups, including those traditionally underrepresented, ensuring that DEI is not an afterthought but a key driver of success.

When compared to competitors, Brasidass Strategies’ Crowdfunding+ demonstrates a deeper commitment to DEI. Other platforms may claim broad demographic reach, but Crowdfunding+ is purpose-built to ensure services are beneficial to all, particularly underserved groups. This commitment is evident in its approach to campaign design, community engagement, and resource allocation, setting a new standard for what a crowdfunding platform can achieve in terms of DEI.

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