Data Analytics for SMEs, Campaigns, Government & More

Brasidas Strategies: Data Analytics for Impact

Transform data into strategic advantage with Brasidas Strategies. Our AI-driven analytics platform is custom-built for SMEs, non-profits, and political campaigns, offering a competitive edge in a landscape dominated by larger entities.

Key Features:

  • Exclusive Voter Insights: Tap into a vast database of over 280 million voter files and 18,000+ data points for unmatched electoral insights.
  • Custom Data Modeling: Receive data models uniquely aligned with your mission and goals.
  • Strategic Consulting: Leverage our expertise to navigate data complexities and make informed decisions.

Consulting Fee:

  • Standard Consulting: Starting at $200/hour for comprehensive data analysis and strategic guidance.
  • Custom Data Requests: Pay-per-unit for tailored data sets and modeling.

Pricing Model:

  • Essential Plan: $49/month for core analytics and voter insights.
  • Growth Plan: $99/month for advanced organizational features.
  • Impact Plan: $149/month for a full suite of engagement and insight tools.

Partner with Brasidas Strategies to empower your organization with data-driven insights and foster growth, opportunity, and a robust community presence.