Relationship-Driven Solutions

Outreach to constituents is tremendously costly as well. City governments spend an average of $12 per resident just on the marketing and communications portion of broader outreach efforts.

Now think about your total marketing budget as a whole - the amounts invested in advertising, promotions, branding, events, sponsorships and more. If your overall marketing expenditures exceed 15-20% of revenue, you're likely severely overspending.

What about competing for lucrative government contracts? The proposal process alone can cost millions, with no guarantee of success. Companies routinely burn through 5-10% of the total contract value just in upfront pursuit costs.

If your acquisition costs for new consumers, constituents or contracts fall anywhere in these bloated ranges, you're doing it completely wrong. Pumping dollars into outdated tactics like paid ads, email blasts and cold calls virtually guarantees you're flushing money down the drain.

I.II Redefining Relationship Economics

Peer-to-Peer Relationship-Based Organizing for Civic, Business and Government Entities

Every year, over half a trillion dollars are wasted on the ineffective practice of traditional marketing. Efficiency and the ability to truly measure your cost-per-impact is something the public and private sectors have failed to prioritize - until now.

Whether your goal is outbound or inbound outreach, running an effective constituent engagement program, building true customer loyalty, strengthening donor relationships, or ensuring every person seeking your help has the best possible experience - our peer-to-peer relationship-based organizing (P2PRBO) model delivers transformative solutions.

The Market's Colossal Failure The staggering economic inefficiencies are staring us in the face. Companies hemorrhage $148 (B2C) to $624 (B2B) just to acquire a new customer. Governments spend $12 per resident on the marketing portion of outreach alone. Pursuing a single government contract can burn 5-10% of the total value before a deal is even signed.

This doesn't even account for the hundreds of billions poured into broader marketing budgets that often exceed 15-20% of total revenues. A hyper-inflated tech bubble has created an environment where cash is carelessly burned on automated systems, AI-based "solutions", and short-term transactional relationships - the complete antithesis of genuine engagement.

Our Transformative Solution The P2P approach flips the script, investing your resources into cultivating real human relationships from day one. We apply a data-driven, high-touch methodology to deeply understand your unique objectives and audiences. Then we construct the infrastructure to execute authentic connection strategies that deliver measurable ROI.

This is the blueprint for sustainable relationship economics. An approach grounded in creating enriching experiences that foster reciprocal loyalty. Interactions are personalized to how each individual best receives and processes information - not the other way around.

Like the ancient teaching of Noah building the ark before the flood, we proactively build the framework for resilient relationships before your organization risks getting swept away by economic turmoil and disjointed practices.

Pricing Model Our comprehensive P2PRBO programs are structured to provide right-sized solutions for organizations of any size:

Baseline Program Pricing:

  • Non-Profits/Government: $1,200 per month minimum
  • Under $500K Revenue: $1,800 per month
  • $500K - $1M Revenue: $3,000 per month
  • $1M - $5M Revenue: $5,000 per month
  • $5M - $10M Revenue: $7,500 per month
  • $10M - $50M Revenue: $10,000 per month
  • $50M - $100M Revenue: $15,000 per month
  • $100M - $500M Revenue: $25,000 per month
  • $500M - $1B Revenue: $40,000 per month
  • Over $1B Revenue: 0.005% of annual revenue (e.g. $50,000 per month for $1B org)

Additional Services/Customization:

  • Extra Support Staff: $3,800 per headcount
  • Marketing/Ad Management: 15% of spend + $3,800 per month
  • Advanced Data/Analytics Package: $3,800 per month
  • Technology Integrations: Custom Quoted + $3,800 per month
  • Training/Consulting: $3,800 per month

Enterprise Pricing:

  • Multi-Year Commitments: 15% discount
  • Guaranteed Annual Pricing: 5% discount

This flexible model allows us to construct tailored programs that reduce your costs by 93-94% compared to conventional marketing approaches. We can layer in additional services, staff support, training, technology and analytics solutions for $3,800 per month to create a comprehensive transformation roadmap for your organization.

For larger enterprises able to make multi-year commitments, we offer further incentivized pricing packages. The investment starts with re-envisioning your economic engine through the lens of sustainable relationship capital.

The legacy of realizing your organization's true potential begins today. We stand ready to build the ark that uplifts and defends your mission for decades to come.