Anna Scanlon
Co-Founder & Partner+

Anna Scanlon, a co-founder of Brasidas Strategies, is a distinguished EdTech advisor with a remarkable track record of steering educational initiatives to success. Her strategic acumen has been pivotal in shaping winning EdTech strategies and influencing investment decisions at a national level.

At various educational organizations, Anna's strategic guidance has been instrumental in advancing educational technology campaigns across the United States, ensuring the execution of effective strategies to promote inclusive learning opportunities. Her expertise in EdTech management is evident from her successful oversight of significant budgets and comprehensive digital strategies.

Anna's leadership in various EdTech initiatives has led to substantial improvements in student engagement and learning outcomes. Her efforts have resulted in the successful implementation of innovative educational technologies, showcasing her resilience and strategic prowess in the face of challenges.

As a co-founder of Brasidas Strategies, Anna brings her wealth of experience to the forefront of democratizing education and opportunity. Brasidas Strategies is recognized as a full-service EdTech, Data Analytics, SaaS, CRM+, and Innovation Hub, focusing on inclusivity and innovation. The firm's impact is measurable through its commitment to providing accessible, high-quality educational resources and fostering inclusive growth opportunities.

With Anna Scanlon on your team, you're investing in a visionary leader who has consistently delivered results and driven change in the EdTech sector. Her academic rigor, persuasive communication, and enjoyable collaboration make her an invaluable asset to any initiative seeking to make a substantial impact on education.

For the pitch deck, it's essential to highlight Anna's achievements and the quantifiable impact of her work. Here are some key metrics to include:

  • EdTech Initiative Success: Anna has led numerous successful EdTech initiatives, resulting in improved student engagement, learning outcomes, and technology adoption rates.
  • Budget Management: Anna has demonstrated her capability to oversee significant EdTech budgets, ensuring the efficient allocation of resources to maximize impact.
  • Strategic Advisory: Anna provides strategic guidance to national partners, influencing investment decisions and contributing to a national EdTech strategy.
  • Organizational Leadership: Her leadership roles in various educational organizations have emphasized her skills in driving EdTech adoption and supporting educators in the effective use of technology.
  • Innovation and Inclusivity: Brasidas Strategies, under Anna's co-leadership, is recognized as a full-service EdTech, Data Analytics, SaaS, CRM+, and Innovation Hub, focusing on democratizing education and providing inclusive learning opportunities.
  • Community Engagement: Anna's work has extended to organizing conferences and building coalitions to discuss and promote innovative educational policies and practices, underlining her commitment to advancing educational equity and opportunity.

These achievements underscore the value and expertise that Anna brings to the table, making a compelling case for her leadership in the EdTech space. Her contributions have had a tangible impact on the success of the initiatives and organizations she has worked with, reflecting her comprehensive approach to EdTech management and her dedication to fostering inclusive and accessible educational opportunities.