Anna Scanlon 🇮🇪
Co-Founder & Partner+

Anna Scanlon is a distinguished advisor, pedagogue, and co-founder and partner+ of Brasidas Strategies with a remarkable track record in both the EdTech and political campaign arenas. Her strategic acumen has been pivotal in shaping winning strategies and influencing investment decisions at a national level.

In the EdTech sector, Anna's strategic guidance at various educational organizations has been instrumental in advancing technology campaigns across the United States to promote inclusive learning opportunities. Her expertise is evident from her successful oversight of significant budgets and comprehensive digital strategies. Anna's leadership in EdTech initiatives has led to substantial improvements in student engagement, increasing engagement rates by over 20% on average, as well as improving learning outcomes and adoption of innovative technologies.

As a co-founder of Brasidas Strategies, a firm she established to ensure equity, inclusion, and empowerment in innovation and tech, Anna brings her wealth of experience to democratizing education, opportunity, democracy, and capitalism. The firm is recognized as a full-service provider of EdTech, Data Analytics, SaaS, CRM+, and Innovation services, focusing on inclusivity and innovation. Its impact is measurable through its commitment to accessible educational resources and inclusive growth, having provided over 100,000 students with access to digital learning tools.

Pivoting to the political arena, Anna has a remarkable record steering electoral and legislative campaigns to success. At RepresentUs, her guidance advanced pro-democracy campaigns nationwide, contributing to 5 ballot initiative victories in the 2022 election cycle. During Bernie Sanders' 2020 presidential bid, as Deputy National States Director overseeing 40 state campaigns, she helped train over 1 million volunteers that raised $182 million, won 9 state nominating contests, knocked on 26 million doors, and contacted over 100 million voters.

Anna's campaign expertise shines through her oversight of substantial budgets and comprehensive media strategies. She led Kate Marshall to a 7-point victory in the Lt. Governor race after managing a $1.4 million primary budget. She also contributed to a recount win in the Simonds for Delegate campaign (later overturned). At RepresentUs, she influenced national investment decisions, advising on over $25 million in contributions for electoral reform initiatives.  

With Anna on your team, you invest in a visionary leader consistently delivering results and driving change across sectors. Her academic rigor, persuasive communication, and collaborative approach make her an invaluable asset for any impactful initiative. When partnering with Brasidas Strategies, success is an expectation under Anna's guidance.