Greg Ake 🎖️
Co-Founder & Partner+ ♿

Greg Ake is the Co-Founder of Level Effect, an innovative cybersecurity training company on a mission to bridge the critical skills gap in the industry. He has designed Level Effect's flagship offering - a comprehensive 14-week Cyber Defense Analyst Program that equips aspiring professionals with practical, job-ready skills. 

The immersive program, taught by seasoned former NSA analysts and cybersecurity experts, has quickly gained recognition as the premier training option available. Level Effect boasts an impressive 94% graduate employment rate and has forged partnerships with leading universities to offer credits toward degrees.

Prior to co-founding Level Effect, Greg served in the U.S. Air Force and spent several years at the National Security Agency (NSA). During his tenure at the NSA, he held roles as a Global Network Exploitation Analyst and a Technical Lead. Greg's work focused on cutting-edge computer network operations, giving him unique insights into the tactics, techniques, and procedures used by advanced threat actors.

Building upon his NSA experience, Greg transitioned into the private sector, taking on leadership positions such as Security Operations Manager at Siemens, where he defended a 500,000 endpoint network, and Cyber Threat Intelligence Lead at a Fortune 500 company. His expertise spans security operations, threat intelligence, and information security.

Greg's insights have been featured at industry events like BSides, Secureworld, and ISSA International. His research has uncovered critical vulnerabilities in widely-used software.

Holding a Bachelor's degree in Information Assurance from Towson University and numerous professional certifications, Greg is committed to cultivating the next generation of cybersecurity leaders. Through Level Effect, he aims to make top-tier, hands-on training accessible and empower individuals to launch successful careers safeguarding our digital world.

The revised bio highlights Greg's valuable experience at the NSA, where he gained firsthand knowledge of advanced computer network operations and threat actor techniques. This NSA background, combined with his subsequent leadership roles in the private sector, underscores the depth and breadth of his expertise in the cybersecurity field.