Nate Lerner
Co-Founder & Partner+

Nate Lerner, a genius in digital strategy and civic engagement, has left his imprint on the world of public discourse through his role as Principal of Build the Wave LLC. His revolutionary way of grassroots campaigning has set new standards for how organizations communicate with their constituents and create positive change.

Thanks to Nate's smart guidance, Build the Wave LLC has reached amazing goals that show how effective their methods are. The organization has connected with over 5.34 million people, showing their skill in engaging with a huge audience and inspiring communities around vital issues. On top of that, Build the Wave LLC has shown an amazing ability to raise money, having collected over $3.9 million online. This shows how powerful their message is and how much they have earned the loyalty of their supporters.

Nate's talent in digital innovation has been a spark for radical change in the civic space. As Deputy Digital Director for Andrew Yang's 2020 campaign, he helped increase social media reach by 90% and engagement by 50%. These awesome numbers helped the campaign raise a total of $41.6 million, with a lot of it coming from grassroots support in the form of small donations.

Besides his professional success, Nate's strong commitment to social causes is clear in his personal projects. He has always shown a firm dedication to promoting important issues and encouraging meaningful conversation.

Driven by a passion for empowering underserved communities and leveraging technology for social good, Nate co-founded Brasidas Strategies. As a veteran-owned company based in the historically underserved community of Brownsville, Texas, Brasidas Strategies aims to harness the transformative power of business and civic intelligence to address structural challenges. By combining Nate's expertise in digital strategy with a focus on education technology (edtech) and database management, Brasidas Strategies is dedicated to supporting rural America, veterans, people with disabilities, local governments, First Nations, unions, non-profits, and impact-driven entities.

Nate Lerner's story is a motivation for business leaders, civic organizations, and individuals alike. His enthusiasm for innovation, along with his strategic savvy, has the power to rally movements and make lasting change. By following Nate's approach to digital engagement and grassroots mobilization, organizations can not only spread their message but also build a stronger bond with their stakeholders.

In a more and more complicated and connected world, the ability to skillfully use the digital landscape and build solid communities is essential. Nate Lerner's expertise offers a guide for success, helping organizations to use the power of technology and drive progress on a large scale.

As we look ahead, it is obvious that the strategies created by Nate Lerner and Build the Wave LLC will keep influencing the direction of civic engagement and public discourse. By adopting innovation, building grassroots support, and staying faithful to the goal of positive change, organizations can put themselves at the front of the movement towards a more aware and engaged society.

To sum up, Nate Lerner's story is one of passion, innovation, and a relentless devotion to progress. His influence on the world of digital strategy and civic engagement is a strong proof of the amazing potential of visionary leadership. Through Brasidas Strategies, Nate continues to champion the power of technology and data-driven insights to uplift underserved communities and drive social change. As businesses and civic organizations try to make a difference in a constantly changing world, they should learn from Nate's example and embrace the power of digital innovation to make meaningful change.