Slay Phillips
Co-Founder & Partner+

Over 38 years of direct experience telling good stories, developing strategy, and winning dozens of electoral and issue-advocacy campaigns in...

the American Southwest, Texas, and South of the Mason-Dixon Line. 

My partners and I help you develop a integrated and well structured simple message that is congruent and reflective on the reality on the ground, polling, research, our targeted audience and what they are telling us, their needs, and what matters to them, and the message and communication strategy that will allow us to secure and win those high-propensity voters; ensure your natural and historical base and supporters (what you already have) and maximize our output (make them voters, making the voting process simple, and increase your donor and volunteer-base), persuade and turn out those voters who have been historically neglected, either because they have never seen their issues being discussed nor address, never been outreached (invested in) nor asked for their support (vote), and never been spoken to in their language, which has been the case with Spanish-speaking voters nationwide, and allows us, to steal some voters, which historically has been called persuasion, from the other side (the opposition). 

Brasidas and I help you develop the right strategy and message (story). 

My partner and I, Dave Gold, began Bouchard Gold Communications in 1983 and have successfully developed the right direct-communication strategy for over 38 years and counting and provide our clients (partners) the direct-mail service that allows us to win every electoral bucket, tell a good story, and help our partners, have a trusted name with a proven record, and service they can count on. 

Our direct mail allows voters to see themselves being reflected in your message, build trust, donate, and vote. 

Hope you put your trust in us, Brasidas Strategies and Bouchard Gold Communications, and ensure that together, we can win real victories for working and middle-class families, re-establish trust in our government and democracy and make the process of running for office or passing a legislative reform, easy, less stressful, and fun.

With love, 

Slay Phillips.